Here are key symbols that should be on your fingertips

1. Indicator to push the clutch
2. Indicator to push the brake pedal
3. Locked steering-wheel
4. Full beam turned on
5. Low tire pressure
6. Sidelights on
7. Problems with headlight / tail-lights / signals bulbs
8. Problems with brake lights
9. Winter mode
10. Info indicator
11. The diesel auxiliary heater
12. Ice warning
13. Starting system problems
14. The key is not in the car
15. Key low battery
16. Warning distance to another car
17. Service warning light
18. Adaptive headlights turned on
19. Headlight angle adjustment 
20. Problems with the variable rear spoiler
21. Problems in triggering electric roof
22. Front airbag is switched off
23. Handbrake is on
24. Front fog lights turned on
25. Power steering system problems
26. Rear fog lights switched on
27. Low level of windscreen fluid
28. Worn brake pads
29. Cruise control is activated
30. Signal indicators
31. Trouble on the light sensor or rain sensor
32. Water in the fuel filter
33. Airbag switched off
34. Mechanical problem or electrical error
35. Dipped headlights turned on
36. Dirty air filter requires replacement
37. Parking sensors turned on
38. Problems with the diesel particulate filter (DPF)
39. Error – disconnection of the plug from the trailer
40. Air suspension problems
41. Warning for leaving your lane with lane assist system active
42. Problems with catalytic converter
43. Seatbelt warning
44. Warning parking light
45. Alternator or battery problems
46. ECO mode turned on
47. Downhill assist on
48. Cooling system problems
49. Problem with ABS
50. Problems with the fuel filter
51. Open door
52. Open bonnet
53. Fuel tank on reserve, need to fill the tank
54. Automatic gearbox problems
55. Speed limiter is active
56. Suspension problems
57. Front window defroster
58. Electronic Stability Program (ESP) is off
59. Open boot
60. Low oil pressure
61. The automatic windscreen wiper 
62. Engine problems or hazards
63. Rain sensor
64. Rear window defroster


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